Green Ornamentals

Coffea Arabica

Common names:
Coffea arabica nana, Kawa, Caféeiro, Arbol del café, Kahvé oghadji, 커피나무, K'eo p'i na mu, Ka fei, Arabicakoffie, Koffie, Koffiestruik, Arabian coffee, Arabica coffee, Coffee, Café arabica, Caféier commun, Caféier d'Arabie, Kaffee, Καφές, Kafes, Kopi, Gehve, Tochem keweh, Cafe, Café, Caféeiro, Кофе арабика, Cafeto, Cafeto arábico, Cafeto de Arabia, עצי קפה מזן ערביקה

Strelitzia nicolai

Common names:
Giant Bird of Paradise, Natal Strelitzia, Wild Strelitzia, Strelitzia Augusta, Witte Paradijsvogelbloem, 鹤望兰尼科莱

Strelitzia reginae

Common names:
Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower, Strelitziaceae, Paradijsvogelbloem, Vogelkopbloem, 鹤望兰, Strelitziaceae

News Blog

Aardam serves up both coffee and tea

April 12 2019

Besides palms, nolina, strelitzia, and coffee, Dutch seed trader and nursery Aardam started nursing tea plants some time ago. Arthur Spruit, who regularly goes on business trips to tropical places many can only dream about, was recently in Indonesia to talk with the seed suppliers. Arthur Aardam am...

Searching for Chamaedorea in Mexican forests

2019 February 14th

Chamaedorea, the family name of a group of (ornamental) palms, originates from Mexico. The plants are grown from seed and there is a high demand for the popular plant. So where does a grower get the seeds? The short answer: from a seed merchant. A big supplier of seeds for a number of years now...

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