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    About PlantForce
    We improve seeds and plants for various reasons. One of these is to continue to feed the growing world population. But also to ensure that we can continue to eat varied and to cope with the consequences of climate change. We make plants that no longer get sick or can grow in places where that was not possible in the past, such as in the desert. So you see, the world of plants and flowers is bigger than you think. On this website you can meet us. How we develop and improve seeds and plants, what we use the products for and what they can do for you..


News Blog

Vacature: Teeltspecialist tropische potplanten

1 mei 2019

Wie wil er bij ons een Palmpje opzetten ? Wij zoeken een Teeltspecialist tropische potplanten Je werkt in een klein team van enthousiaste mensen. Je brengt ons bedrijf op een hoger niveau in de teelt. Je communiceert met klanten (wereldwijd) en helpt hun met de teelt van onze producten. Je bent ver...

Aardam serves up both coffee and tea

April 12 2019

Besides palms, nolina, strelitzia, and coffee, Dutch seed trader and nursery Aardam started nursing tea plants some time ago. Arthur Spruit, who regularly goes on business trips to tropical places many can only dream about, was recently in Indonesia to talk with the seed suppliers. Arthur Aardam am...

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