The perks of being an Aardam intern

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Since you are reading this, I think it is safe to assume that you already gave up on your winter getaway to the tropics and decided to focus on work instead. I am here to let you know that you don’t really need to do that yet. Or at least not if you are a student, searching for an internship in the horticultural sector. ? I cannot offer you a flight ticket to one of the distant exotic countries but I might have something even better. As a fellow lover of warmth and horticulture, you are in luck! Tropical nursery Aardam BV and its sister company Tropical Seeds BV are in search for an intern to be my successor and to continue their lengthy internship bloodline. What an honor!

But why an internship, you ask?

“I already have amazing coffee making skills’’, you think. Well, in that case you will be happy to know that coffee and tea slaves come in the machine form at Aardam so fetching coffee will not be among your tasks as an intern. All of the other skills you have are definitely going to be put to the test, though.

Okay, but what do interns at Aardam even do then?

Sky is the limit! Horticulture is a sector inside which everybody can find something to excel in and same is with an internship at our company. We enjoy working with students as it gives us an insight and help us shape the very future of the horticultural sector. You will get a chance to work in any department of the company, from the cultivation, production, R&D, finance, sales, marketing, logistics, quality management and more. The goal is to find an assignment that is going to work in the best interest of both, you and the company. Symbiosis at its best! Ambition is always noticed and showing interest will get you involved in a lot of the current projects where you can show your creativity and develop extra skills, such as design, communication and language, writing, photographing, crafting, researching,… The list goes on. If anything, an internship at Aardam is dynamic.

Sounds interesting, but what are those perks you were talking about?

As you already know, coffee and tea are available in abundance, but unlike other companies, we posses an impressive stock in, both, liquid as well as the plant form. Everybody loves them, but you get the chance to take care of them together with a wide assortment of other tropical ornamentals. How often do you really get an opportunity to do that and not even leave the Dutch countryside?
As a horticultural student, the chance is that you received a long list of plant scientific names to learn by heart during your study. If you now proudly boast with your gathered knowledge, I have good news for you! At Aardam you will be able to add another couple dozens of the tropical ornamental names to your extensive repertoire. You might not even pursue learning the scientific names but don’t forget that knowledge is contagious. Our team is small and very international. As such you will be able to enjoy a relaxed working atmosphere, learn about all the tasks involved in the ornamental business and at the same time gain experience in an international setting. Interns are also warmly invited to join the company at different horticultural fairs and events in The Netherlands as well as abroad. Gaining new professional contacts and getting to know the sector secrets is guaranteed! Finally, let’s not forget the most important thing: cookies and cakes are available more or less at all times at our company. Talking about combining pleasant with useful!

Cool, how do I sign up?

If you be-leaf that you have a lot of pot-ential (pun very much intended) as the next intern contact us.

The perks of being an Aardam intern

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