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Archontophoenix alexandrae

Common names
Australische koningspalm, Vuurpalm, Alexander Palm, King Palm, Northern bangalow palm, Palma Alejandra, Palmier royal d'Alexandre, Feuerpalm

Bismarckia nobilis

Common names
Bismarckia nobilis silver, Bismarck palm, Palmier de Bismarck, Bisumaruku yashi, Palmera de Bismarck, דקל ביסמרקיה

Chamaedorea cataractarum

Common names
Cat Palm, Cascade Palm, Cataract Palm

Chamaedorea elegans

Common names
Parlor Palm, Neanthe Bella palm, Mexicaanse dwerg palm, Xiu zhen ye zi, Collinia elegans, Neanthe elegans, Kamerpalm, Good-luck palm, Bergpalme, Zierliche Bergpalme, Chamedorea eregansu, Khamedoreia iziashchnaia, Pacaya, ה עדינה

Chamaedorea seifrizii

Common names
Bamboo Palm, Reed Palm, Seifriz's Bamboo Palm

Chamaerops humilis cerifera

Common names
Chamaerops humilis var. argentea, Phoenix humilis

Citrus Hystrix

Common names
Djeroek poeroet, Kaffirlimoen, Kaffir limoen, Mauritius papeda,Jeruk Purut, Wilde Limoen, Kaffir Lime, Papedaboom, Combava

Coffea Arabica

Common names
Coffea arabica nana, Kawa, Caféeiro, Arbol del café, Kahvé oghadji, 커피나무, K'eo p'i na mu, Ka fei, Arabicakoffie, Koffie, Koffiestruik, Arabian coffee, Arabica coffee, Coffee, Café arabica, Caféier commun, Caféier d'Arabie, Kaffee, Καφές, Kafes, Kopi, Gehve, Tochem keweh, Cafe, Café, Caféeiro, Кофе арабика, Cafeto, Cafeto arábico, Cafeto de Arabia, עצי קפה מזן ערביקה

Phoenix roebelenii

Common names
Pygmy Date Palm, Robellini Palm

Strelitzia nicolai

Common names
Giant Bird of Paradise, Natal Strelitzia, Wild Strelitzia, Strelitzia Augusta, Witte Paradijsvogelbloem, 鹤望兰尼科莱

Strelitzia reginae

Common names
Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower, Strelitziaceae, Paradijsvogelbloem, Vogelkopbloem, 鹤望兰, Strelitziaceae

Wodyetia bifurcata

Common names
Foxtail palm, Palmier queue de renard, Hu wei ye zi, דקל זנב השועל

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